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My Smile Transformation By Dr Julian Caplan


Over the last few years it has become a growing trend to perfect ones smile.  You rarely see a celebrity with bad teeth and it seems in this day and age we are much more conscious about the way we look and feel. But finding the right person for the job can be the real task. As veneers and braces are readily available all over the market with discounts and deals offered left, right and centre, it does lead me to wonder whether the patients best interests are at heart of whether its all about business.



So we went on search of a leader in the field to advise our viewers for ‘Harley Street Beauty’ on the correct and ethical approach to cosmetic dentistry. Once we’d found our man we were over the moon with the extent of information he offered in all respects of cosmetic dentistry.



Dr Julian Caplan is a British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry "Accredited Member". Being a leading authority in cosmetic dentistry Julian is on the Board of Directors for the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and is one of a handful of dentists in the UK that is a sustaining member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. He has travelled the world attending courses to learn from the grandmasters of cosmetic dentistry in the States and all over Europe. He also works alongside world-renowned dentist to the celebrities, Dr Larry Rosenthal, mentoring other dentists throughout the UK to perfect their skills in smile design and cosmetic dentistry.



Julian lectures in the UK and internationally on cosmetic and CEREC dentistry. Dr Caplan is one of only nine dentists worldwide that has achieved "Accreditation" status with the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. Julian has a special interest in CAD/CAM dentistry, teaching other dentists how to use this revolutionary technology to make crowns and veneers in a single visit. He recently lectured at the World Aesthetic Conference on the benefits of CEREC dentistry.

So I think its rather apt to say we found the best man for the job. Personally being on camera myself I have always hated my teeth. There was nothing terribly bad about them they were just rather uneven. I had always contemplated veneers and had got into the mindset like many other people that I had no choice but to get a full set of veneers. However the though of actually having my own teeth filed down left me with dread and to be honest before I met Julian I’d never heard of Invisable Braces and never even considered that an option.

Naomi Before Treatment:


After a detailed conversion with Julian I was surprised to hear that I actually did have good teeth but just needed a little helping hand in getting them tidier. Julian kindly recommended and offered to treat me with Invisalign Invisable braces and to see how I got on with that, if I wasn’t happy after the treatment then we could at that point look into veneers.

Naomi Mid Course:



Cosmetic dentistry involves applying an artistic eye to smile design, at Aviva Cosmetic Dentistry they combine form, function and aesthetics, taking a holistic approach to patients treatments. Whether you want a dazzling "Hollywood smile makeover" or a more conservative look, they will educate and inform you of the best options available for you and cater to your every need. For some, cosmetic dentistry may involve simply replacing an old metal filling or teeth whitening whereas for others a full mouth reconstruction with dental implants, veneers, crowns, bridgework and gum contouring may be needed to give them the smile of their dreams.

Whatever a patients requirements, Julian will thoroughly analyse their smile from every angle and discuss all the possible treatment options with them, giving you the opportunity to ask lots of questions.

 At Aviva their mission is to provide an unparalleled level of world-class cosmetic dentistry utilising the latest technology and finest dental materials available. Check them out


Aviva Cosmetic Dentistry offer adult orthodontics and the straightening of misaligned and crooked teeth using the world renowned Invisalign system.

Invisalign uses a series of clear aligners that are custom-moulded to fit you. The virtually invisible aligners are changed every 2 weeks and gradually reposition your teeth into a smile you'll be proud of. Treatments times vary from case to case but are typically from 6 months to a year. For more information:



Invisalign is:

Convenient — it does not disrupt your lifestyle, you can remove your aligners to eat the food you want and clean your teeth.

Discrete — since the aligners are virtually invisible most people won't notice you're in treatment.

Comfortable — there are no metal wires or bands to irritate your mouth.

As one of the leading Invisalign practices in Hertfordshire we have a great deal of experience in teeth straightening



What’s more, a virtual 3D treatment plan (ClinCheck© treatment plan) shows the series of movements your teeth will go through over the course of the treatment. This allows you to see upfront what your teeth are expected to look like at the end of the treatment. From the results of the ClinCheck treatment plan, your custom-made, clear aligners are produced especially for you. Invisalign is the best way to transform your smile without interfering with your day-to-day life.

So for me the process was easy, I had a new set of braces every 2 weeks, I could remove the braces when I needed to, after the first brace you are completely used to the sensation of wearing them and I didn’t really notice I had them in.  Even better still I could even wear them whilst filming my pieces to camera and because they are invisible you don’t notice they’re there.



Now I have come to the end of the process and I can honestly not believe the dramatic transformation of my teeth but also in a sense I feel much more confident especially on camera and when I smile. When I look through old pictures its quite evident that although I didn’t let it get to me I subconsciously was uncomfortable with my teeth as I’m always hiding them, never smiling. However now I feel my confident is back and the holistic approach that Aviva offer is so more rewarding than a quick fix. At the end of the day some people have good teeth and need a little help to sort them and others will need veneers, but that should be an educated decision a patient makes with a dentists advice and what is right for that patient.


I can’t say thank you enough to the lovely and knowledgeable Dr Julian Caplan and his team at Aviva Cosmetic Dentistry for not only all the time they put into filming Harley Street Beauty but for transforming my messy smile into one I love and feel proud of.  For more top tips make sure you tune into Harley Street Beauty Produced by Blondie Media Productions airing now on SKY 266 weekdays at 3.30/7.30/11.30pm.


Also finding an artistic dentist is worth its weight in gold, someone that treats their work as an art, so if you are thinking of correcting your smile whether through braces or veneers a trip to St Albans is worth the drive as your smile is for life..



Naomi xx


Written By Naomi Isted TV Presenter for Harley Street Beauty and owner of Blondie Media Productions



Stunning Semi-Permanent Lash Enhancement by Cathy Brown


Stunning Semi-Permanent Lash Enhancement by Cathy Brown


Imagine waking up every morning without having to spend time to pencil in your eyebrows, perfecting your eye liner, lip liner or covering a scar before you go out and start the day.



Permanent make-up is the perfect solution for those with an unsteady hand, poor eyesight or even with allergies to conventional cosmetics.  It is ideal for busy people that want to look good without having to worry about their make-up wearing off.


Permanent make-up is a process where pharmaceutical grade pigments are expertly infused into the dermal layer of skin in order to achieve a shadow of colour that creates a low maintenance base to the daily application of conventional makeup.    The result can be a subtle or dramatic as you wish.


The pigment stays permanently in the skin, however the colour will fade out gradually over time, normally 1 - 3 years. Procedures are safe, a colour boost every 12 -18 months is recommended to keep it looking fresh. When applied correctly, permanent make-up is designed to subtly enhance your natural features and put back what Mother Nature has forgotten or taken away over the years.


So after experiencing my first Semi-Permanent Treatment only a few months ago and being so pleased with the results, I couldn’t help but try another very subtle treatment know as Lash Enhancement at the favoured Derma Spa in Milton Keynes.






Whilst filming Harley Street Beauty I heard of the ‘HD Brow craze’ and after watching some footage back was shocked to see how horrendous filming in HD can really be when it draws attention to all the imperfections, for me being my brows.

My first course of action is to call Nilam Patel owner of the Derma Spa. She agreed my brows are doing great but for someone who doesn’t have thick brows it would again really complement if I had semi-permanent makeup.  She recommended Cathy Brown a colleague and friend she’s been working with for over a decade i.e. someone she trusts implicitly with my brows bearing in mind I am on camera each week and filming in HD.






So I took the plunge after the lovely Cathy Brown invited me into the Derma Spa and had my brows tattoed. Cathy Brown is a highly experienced technician with over 14 years of experience. She is an educator for nouveau contour and has taught alongside Nilam for the past 8 years. Cathy has a fantastic reputation in the industry and specialises in paramedical work. Cathy is extremely popular and recognized face by many medical practitioners for her areola work.



So after my brow tattoo which looks absolutely stunning, Cathy suggested I try the Eyelash enhancement on my top up appointment. So both myself and Jodie (our Head of Marketing and MUA) decided to test this light eye enhancing treatment out.


Our eyes are the focal point to the soul and the point of connection with others, whatever that shape or colour, with careful pigment placement even the smallest eye can be made to look bigger. And personally I think I’ve got the smallest eyes on the planet so the thought of brighter bigger eyes was very exciting.

Here’s Jodie pre treatment:




Eyelash enhancement gives a really soft yet stunning result, pigment is placed in the lash line, in between all the rows of lashes.  The thin line of residue that is sometimes left in the lashes after a tint or when you wipe off your makeup is similar to that of a lash enhancement /lash liner.




This give a very natural result, just making the lashes look thicker and eyes not so bare without makeup.I am so very thankful that I’ve waited until now to have semi-permanent makeup because if I had had them done when I was younger I may have gone to any random tattooist due to a lack of research or education and you have to be incredibly careful whom you go to. So please ladies do your research because if you go to someone good it will be life changing, if you go to someone lacking in experience and using the wrong grade of products it can be devastating.


Jodie Post – Treatment:




During the treatment the eye tattoing was a different sensation to when I had my brows done. My brows were just a dull feeling which I didn’t really notice and with the eyes it’s like a soft scratching sensation which isn’t uncomfortable it’s just a little achy. My brows and eyes both took no longer than an hour each and I had to follow the same aftercare as I did with my brows.


After you have your eyelash enhancement semi-permanent make-up your eyelids feel a little tight like a kind of light sunburnt feeling for a couple of days. You need to dab your eyes with a cotton wool pad soaked in lukewarm boiled water and make sure you use the healing balm at least 3 times a day until.





I can't say thank you enough to the extremely knowledgeable and skillful Cathy Brown with over a decade of experience and the wonderful team at the Derma Spa in Milton Keynes, especially Nilam Patel the also highly respected and acclaimed owner.


Both my brows and eyes now look so natural but the subtle enhancement is such a change it really makes me feel more confident and saves me so much time  .. For more information on Cathy and the type of semi-permanent make-up she offers please checkout her site


Thanks ladies for my beautiful brows and lashes, now I want to try my lips. Oh dear I think I may have developed an obsession..



Naomi xx


Written by TV Presenter for Harley Street Beauty and Blondie Media Productions Naomi Isted.



"The Michelangelo of BOTOX" Dr Dan Dhunna


When it comes to injectables there seems to be much confusion on the market and we felt it essential to set the record straight for Harley Street Beauty viewers and went on a search for a highly regarded and respected aesthetics doctor.




With the injectable industry alarmingly being unregulated we hear horror stories of non-medically trained professionals being able to administer Botox® and fillers to the detriment of their patients who can end up with potentially devastating effects. Yet how can this be when someone is in effect injecting an individuals face without any university training or knowledge in physiology and anatomy? We see adverts a plenty for cut price fillers and it really does make me wonder how this is so unregulated and unsafe. BOTOX® is a prescription only

medicine and thankfully new regulations have come into force that patients must see the prescribing doctor at each treatment. Both fillers and Botox® must not be done by beauticians and this is not supported by the industry, governing bodies or the manufacturers. 



Who better to educate us than "The Michelangelo of BOTOX" himself, Dr Dan Dhunna who is the UK Country Ambassador for Allergan the makers of BOTOX®, Juvederm and Voluma dermal fillers.



Dr Dan Dhunna originally attended the Imperial College School of Medicine in London, whose predecessors include people such as Sir Alexander Fleming (Nobel Laureate, Physiology and Medicine) in 1994 and has been working in medicine for 13 years


With his creativity and eye for detail ever at the forefront Dr Dan Dhunna had an epiphany whilst on a routine course for the use of BOTOX® in axillary hyperhidrosis (armpit sweating) and booked himself in on a cosmetic training course.


Being exposed to the cosmetic applications of BOTOX® and studying the aesthetics of the face, a whole new channel of creativity and excitement started to flow. Dr Dan Dhunna had found his niche! He is now an advanced BOTOX® Practitioner and trainer and has also advanced training in many procedures including dermal fillers, collagen stimulators and acne scar treatments to name all but a few!





His technique is well practiced and he has such an inherent eye for natural beauty that his injecting style was closely watched with interest by his trainers, the aesthetic industry and then by his own students. He now boasts clientele from everyday housewives, to celebrities and wives of Sheikhs and CEOS with patients travelling from all over the UK and from as far afield as Australia and the Middle East for his artistic approach to Nonsurgical Cosmetic Treatments.





Dr Dan kindly offered not only to educate us about the difference between good and bad cases, how they are caused and how and where to find the correct products and practitioners but also gave us the chance to experience his work first hand.


I must say I personally have tried and tested both Botox® and fillers and I’ve never been one to deny or hid the fact. When you’re a working mum and in an industry where you need to take care of yourself but sometimes get very little sleep, its great knowing there’s options out there to give a little helping hand at times. Saying this I have also had bad experiences in the past due to a lack of research on my part and its remarkable the difference going to a great doctor who has an understanding of the facial anatomy in only a way a doctor can, pared with an eye and skill for what they are doing. There is such a big difference when fillers are done correctly they look so natural no one would be able to tell yet your features are emphasized beautifully. This is the skill of a true perfectionist and expert using the best products and this is what I encountered when having the pleasure to work with Dr Dan Dhunna. I myself felt I was looking tired and gaunt and asked for his advice. He recommended I have a marginal amount of filler in my cheeks and this would lift my face and rejuvenate my tired look.




Dr Dan opted for Juverderm Voluma for its volumising qualities and inbuilt pain killing lidocaine anaesthetic but also the fact it lasts for 18months is an added  bonus. In a clinical study of 102 patients with facial volume loss, each patient received one treatment with Juvéderm® VOLUMA® dermal filler. Six to 18 months after the treatment, an assessment found almost 65% of patients’ facial volume was rated as being ‘very much improved’. And, more than seven out of 10 patients described their facial volume as being ‘very good’ during 6 to 18 months following the treatment. Juvéderm® VOLUMA® was developed to be smoother than other hyaluronic acid (HA) facial volumisers, making it easier to inject during treatment and resulting in a smooth, natural look and feel.





Whilst administering my fillers I can honestly say I felt no discomfort or pain, mainly because I felt Dr Dan Dhunna had given me a wealth of knowledge on the subject, so having a better level of understanding instantly put me at ease in his hands. Then the surprise factor, oh my goodness could fillers really do this for my tired face, wow the results were remarkable a fuller natural face and I love it. Each and every time I now look in the mirror I feel I’ve replaced a good few years and lost the look of a tired mummy after a good year of sleepless nights due to my toddler. I cannot get over how flawless my skin looks all the time without makeup.





So please ladies tune into Harley Street Beauty on SKY channel 266 to learn more from this extremely talented and knowledgeable doctor. Now I personally know how he got his title "The Michelangelo of BOTOX"


Harley Street Beauty is airing nightly at 7.30 pm so don’t miss all the top tips from our respected experts.


Thanks again Dr Dan Dhunna for your patience and educating us on the facts.. If you want to find out more please checkout or


Written by Harley Street Beauty Presenter Naomi K Isted and owner of Blondie Media Productions.







The difference of great Hair Extensions with Expert Inanch London





As we all know I have been an avid user and lover of hair extensions for nearly 10 years now, experimenting with the good the bad and the damn right ugly over the years. From my part, a lot of ugly circumstances were due to impatience and a lack of research and understanding. For most women their hair means everything to them and I felt my world crumbled years ago when a horrendous hairdresser chopped and dyed my locks in the most unruly fashion I was utterly devastated. But of course there’s always a solution in this day and age so I choose to have hair extensions fitted. Now, travelling the world with work doesn’t help for consistency using the same hairdresser, it can be hard to find a great hairdresser in different corners of the world. This being said is where the bad circumstances would arise when I’d feel I need my hair re-done and didn’t have the patience to wait till I was back in the UK so ended up booking in with who-ever I could find, that I believed from my impression as a client seemed good.


So lets just say (bearing that in mind) there were quite a few instances after I’d had extensions where I had a classic mushroom hairstyle, bulging natural hair and straggly extension ends or the hairdresser had used horrendous hair which was supposedly real but evidently not.


A growing number of female celebrities in this day and age have extensions but only a trained eye would recognize this as their hair is so incredibly glossy, natural and there’s no way of knowing.



So I was utterly determined to learn more about hair extensions and find the very best in the business to educate us on why there’s such an incredible difference to hair extensions and what to look for if your looking for perfectly natural hair, whether it be for volume, length, both or even a subtle introduction of a different colour.



 After years of searching, I felt honoured to work with the lovely Hair stylist to the stars Inanch London when filming for Harley Street Beauty. Her years of expertise are obvious when her clients pass you in the reception and walk out with stunning swishing locks. 



With over 12 years experience in the specialist field of hair extensions, Award winning Hair Extensions Expert and Great Lengths UK Hair Extensionist of the Year, Inanch Emir, has built a global reputation for delivering amazing results with 100% human hair extension applications, giving clients and celebrities the hair they’ve always dreamed of having! Acclaimed by Hairdressers Journal International as a leading example of a “hair extensions expert” and as “one of the UK’s leading hair extensionists”; hailed as "our hair extensions fairy" by Vogue magazine's beauty editors and as a "hair extensions makeover magician" by Creative Head magazine, Inanch is continuously sought after from around the world by celebrities, beauty editors and clients for her superior hair extensions application techniques and precision hair styling.



Her list of celebrity clients who have had hair extensions include Hollywood TV Actress Mischa Barton, supermodel Eva Herzigova, Reality TV Stars Amy Childs, Michelle Heaton and Dani Behr, former Miss Great Britain and Glamour Model Danielle Lloyd, Model & TV Presenter Naomi Millbank-Smith, Glamour Model Nicola McLean, Socialite Peaches Geldof and Rock Singer/Musician Courtney Love.

So the key to great hair extensions is now evident: A talented hairstylist, a great quality of hair brand and good maintenance using the correct products.



After wearing my gorgeous Great Lengths hair extensions fitted by Inanch for roughly 4 months it was time to have them removed. When having hair extensions regularly, you can either have them removed one week and give your hair time to breath then have them refitted a few weeks later or do as I do and have them taken out and refitted the same day. We were also conveniently filming the importance of safe removal techniques the same day with Inanch as she is our Resident Hair Expert on Harley Street Beauty. Who better to talk about it than the presenter herself? As I know from experience ladies.


So the removal of my extensions was super quick and totally painless, Inanch took out over 200 extensions in less than an hour and I was so taken aback at how lovely my own hair felt after the removal.



No horrible lumps or clumps no harsh reminants of glue dragging through my hair. My hair has grown considerably and felt in great condition because of various factors.



Please think about this ladies if you are planning on having hair extensions, its important you care for your hair properly:

1 – My hairdresser has great expertise and skill in this field

2- The Keratin bonds are kinder on the hair and easier to remove.

3- The brand is a leader in the field and has a great reputation.

4 – Going back to the same salon means my hairdresser knew what sort of extensions and brand they had already fitted and consequently had the correct removal products to make the process an enjoyable relaxing process. Not time consuming.



It’s so important to listen to your hairdresser and use the brushes and products they recommend.

I then had my Great Lengths Extensions done and we opted for a slightly shorter style this time with a few lighter shades. I had approx. 170 strands of 50cm but Inanch styled my hair so it has a lovely cut and is closer to 40cm’s now using a combination of Number 8/ Number 84. Great Lengths Keratin bonds are infused to the client's existing hair with the Great Lengths heated applicator, which is less heat than a curling iron. The applicator simply moulds the bond around the client's own hair. The bond is so tiny and lightweight that it is virtually undetectable and causes no stress whatsoever on the clients own hair. Interestingly, the Keratin bonds used by Great Lengths are patented and specifically designed to mimic the molecular structure of human hair which enables it to expand and contract with the client's hair shaft. So with all that being said. I love love love my Great Length Hair Extensions Courtesy of the incredibly talented Inanch London. 



Oh wow I love my new hair and am so happy at how my own hair is growing and the perfect condition its in.

Thanks to Inanch, Joe and all the team at Inanch London for their patience while filming for Harley Street Beauty we look forward to working with their team to educate women on the importance of quality hair and going to experienced technicians. Its always a joy working with you guys. Oh and I can't forget to say thanks for the most amazing head massage by the incredibly sweet Myla who is training under Inanch to become a hair extensionist. 



Stay tuned ladies Harley Street Beauty is going to be incredibly informative if you love all things hair, beauty and celebrity!! for more details.

Written by Harley Street Beauty and Blondie Media Presenter - Naomi Isted




For those of you that Love, Love, Love Fashion and for those of you that don’t know or for some reason don’t care about trends, Fashion Week happens to inspire the fashionista’s out there and showcase designers seasonal collections.


This year the Blondie Media girls, Presenter and Owner Naomi Isted, Head of Marketing Jodie Livermore and Press Officer Joanna Lim headed to London Fashion Weekend last week to get a taste of this coming season’s flavor and obviously Shop till we dropped. As its also a well known fact that most of the designer brands have major discounts on their range.

London Fashion Week SS13 took place 14th-18th September 2012. London Fashion Weekend isn’t available to under 18s unless accompanied by an adult so for the younger fashion lovers out there, make sure you find a fashion conscious relative to bring you. Obviously Fashion Week is for industry only, however those not part of the fashion world can get their slice of shopping and designer collections by attending Fashion Weekend. So for any ladies that missed this season’s London Fashion Weekend be sure to book your tickets for AW13. Dates for London Fashion Week AW13 are 15th-19th February 2013.


London Fashion Week and London Fashion Weekend are set in the distinctive Somerset House. London Fashion Week is held over 4 days, with over 100 designers and 21 catwalks. An ideal time to watch what’s forecast for the coming season’s trends not just fashion but also hair and makeup styles and tones.

Vodafone London Fashion Weekend was PACKED full of very best of British and International Designers.

Style-savvy fashion lovers can get their autumn/winter wardrobe fix from over 100 of the country's best-loved designer brands from heritage British favourites such as Pringle of Scotland, Jaeger London, Twenty8Twelve and Linda Farrow to some of London’s best emerging designers including Holly Fulton, Sophie Hulme, James Long and Maria Francesca Pepe. Find all your favourite brands selling one-off pieces at reduced prices.




I’m not going to lie I was in Designer Discount Heaven. Tottering around on our heels, myself and the girls shopped for a good 3 hours, thankfully I left the credit card at home or I would’ve been in serious trouble. The catwalk shows were presented by Zoe Hardman, what a fabulous presenter and I’ve got to say I loved her outfit who ever styled her is great at their job.




This years autumn/winter show bag was fab. Designed exclusively for them by Mulberry, this season’s tote bag was cooler than ever and jam-acked with luxury goodies from the big brand fashion & beauty sponsors.


Its not just shopping and shows though, for the Fashion conscious there’s also workshops, talks and chance to be pampered from Beauty treatments and massages to get your hair done.


British fashion brand Aubin & Wills were at the show for the first time with a pop-up shop. Situated just off Seamen’s Hall the shop was stocked with the brands favourite Autumn lines and an exclusive selection of Christmas 12’ collection items, not available anywhere else until November and all with a 15% discount.



If you fancy red carpet treatment girls you need to book the VIP tickets so you get front row seats, you can get involved with the workshops and talks and also meet the presenter but not only that a glass and canapés are on the menu..


Not only is it your ticket to join London's biggest, most fashion packed weekend, it's also your chance to rub shoulders with a never-ending list of celebs and an opportunity to enjoy free DJ sets.


Here’s a list of bits I personally bought and love, I think I love them even more because of the lovely discount it makes you fell so much better when you’re a designer loving bargain hunter like Moi!!


Item 1:


Retailer - Scandinavian version of retailers like Asos


Brand - cheap Monday


Style - second skin salt and pepper blue


Paid - £40



Item 2:


Retailer - <  > Scandinavian version of retailers like Asos

Brand - cheap Monday

Style - second skin black



Item 3:


Muubaa petrol leather coat – Black

£349 in shops paid £150


Item 4:


Ducie black floaty dress

Was £160 paid £55

Oh can't forget to say thanks to the lovely Rachel at Nelly..


Happy Shopping ladies..

Written By Blondie Media Productions Owner and Harley Street Beauty Presenter Naomi Isted..


Written by Jodie Coletta Livermore Head of Marketing and MUA for Blondie Media Productions.


For the start of London Fashion Week I was very fortunate to assist an amazing Hair Stylist and Hair Designer for the Bora Aksu SS13 show at Somerset House.

Hair Designer Bio...
Chrysostomos Chamalidis is a hair-stylist with over 20 years of experience and a master in hair! Early in his career he started working in hair salons, later moving to fashion, advertising, music and theatre. He has worked at top international hair salons, styled numerous fashion editorials and worked with countless celebrities. His style can be described as feminine, avant-garde and exaggerated classic forms.
His latest credits include on set with Actor Dustin Hoffman, Vogues Fashion Night Out for Roland Mouret with Celebrity Avant Garde Stylist Catherine Baba and part of the creative team for LFW SS13 Designers Temperley London, Issa and Kinder Aggugini .
Chrysostomos Chamalidis


To view more of Chrysostomos’s amazing work please visit his website.

The Show…
The inspiration behind Bora Aksu SS13 collection was taken from Marie, the Queen of Romania in the early 20th century; a romantic yet modern queen 

Aksu created a collection that fused the Romanian Queen’s love of art and botanical gardens to create a print central to almost every garment.


Chrysostomos chose a hair design that was textured and gypsy-like, with fish plait braiding with softly brushed and backcombed curls and to honour Marie’s regal status, a crochet crown’ was added.
“I wanted a finish to ooze a mix of romantic and modern, a bit prudish and a bit sexy. I didn’t want any one hairstyle to look the same,” said Chrysostomos.
The hair thoroughly complemented the colour palette of the clothes. Yellow, pale corals and purples, adding to the regal feel and reminiscent not only of her love of life, but also of the gardens she loved so well. Flashes of purples throughout gave the collection its royal bloodline.
Chrysostomos had a team of 22 assisting him and the show was sponsored by Hair Brand KMS California UK. The KMS products we used for the style included FREESHAPE hot flex spray, HAIRPLAY molding paste, HAIRPLAY makeover spray, HAIRPLAY clay crème, ADDVOLUME styling foam, HAIRSTAY medium hold spray, HAIRSTAY maximum spray and SILKSHEEN styling creme
Here’s some backstage pictures and the show video...
Myself and Chrysostomos backstage in those last few minutes before the show starts!



The beautiful makeup for the show was designed by Key Makeup Artist Maria Papadopoulou using Gazelli Cosmetic,  Ellis Faas and Mavala UK . 



Love Jo x








Most of us have at some point decided to colour our hair, but once we’ve done it forget how important it is to look after the condition and care for our hair. We just take it for granted that we’re bleaching our hair and it’ll be fine. But during the colouring process the hair can be left dry and lack its original lustre.


Being every hairdressers worst nightmare, I’m always chopping and changing my colour but one thing I have always done is try to use quality products to make up for the pressure I’ve put on my hair over the years. I’ve always maintained the necessity of a weekly hair treatment/mask and to condition as much as possible in between treatments.


If like myself you also have a thing for extensions, you’ll realise even more the importance of using good products if you don’t want the tell tale signs of hair extensions but want bouncy beautiful hair that looks as natural as possible.


Millions of women around the world nowadays are having hair extensions, there’s some amazing brands who ethically source their hair like Great Lengths but unfortunately with hair being more readily available on the consumer market theres also some terrible ones out there. Most celebrities hair extensions look more than just natural but also bouncy and beautiful for three reasons: they use a renowned stylist, a renowned brand but also they use the right products.


If you’re wondering how to restore the bounce to your own hair, to coloured hair or to hair extensions here’s a few products my very talented friend and Celebrity Hair Stylist Inanch London recommended I try and I can guarantee the results are just stunning.




Inanch is a "Fellow" of The Fellowship for British Hairdressing - an association of leading hairdressing professionals committed to promoting quality standards and well-being within their industry through a process of creative and commercial exchange.

So who better to speak to when we need advice for all us ladies who have treated our poor hair with less respect than it deserves over the years.




Situated in Fitzrovia, Regent's Park (near The Portland Hospital where most celebrity mothers are seen), this prestigious salon focuses on quality over quantity and makes way for a fantastic personalised service.

Designed to cater for clients with that special "celebrity-style treatment", Inanch accommodates just five styling positions and provides ample space, privacy and comfort.  So after having my colour lightened by the lovely Maja and my gorgeous head of Great Lengths Extensions fitted by Inanch the ladies sent me home with a range of products to care for and maintain my hairs natural moisture. Maja an incredibly talented colourist has been with Inanch London for over 2 years and has previously worked in other top Central London salons. Her talents in both Styling and Colour services has enabled her to build up a regular clientele in a short space of time through ongoing recommendations from highly satisfied clients. Maja also specialises in the revolutionary Brazilian Keratin treatment. Her Colour clients include TV Presenter Dani Behr, Glamour Model Nicola McLean and Socialite Peaches Geldof. Again who better to recommend products than the lovely team at Inanch London.

So for celebrity style fullness and softness, here’s a few products you’ll just love, I’m definately more than a fan now.





With over 45 years of trichological experience in London & New York, Philip Kingsley is world renowned as a leading expert on hair and scalp health. Inanch is proud to be amongst a handful of salons in London fully trained and authorised to provide Philip Kingsley Hair & Scalp treatment services.

Their Philip Kingsley treatments can be applied in the salon or alternatively purchased for home use. I have used “Elasticizer” both at home and also experienced the calming mist treatment in the salons chill out room. Not only does my hair looks stunningly restored but the Spa Mist treatment has got to be one of the most relaxing treatments I’ve ever had.





The new revolutionary Micro Mist repairs and rejuvenates your hair, giving strength, suppleness and a longer lasting shine. The Micro Mist, as its name suggests, uses mist (not steam) generated by ultrasound to process the treatment. This works in two ways: firstly, the particles of mist are much smaller and lighter than those of steam and therefore they can penetrate the cuticle of the hair to a greater depth. This means the Micro Mist pushes the product deeper into the hair where it is needed. Secondly, the Micro Mist has a cooling system that comes on at the end of each treatment, cooling the hair and closing the cuticle trapping the treatment product inside. This gives a much stronger and longer lasting results. “The Micro Mist at Inanch is designed to restore lifeless, dull locks to a glossy runway-worthy mane.  A wash and blow dry follow to reveal sleeker, sheeny, frizz-free hair - a real quick fix with long lasting results” Harpers Bazaar, April 2010


Apart from Kingsley’s Elastizer, I also love ‘Phytojoba Intense Hydrating Shampoo’ and ‘Yuko’s Phitenbella Treatment’ for dry and chemically treated hair for day to day softness.


The ‘Phytojoba Intense Hydrating Shampoo’ nurtures and soften distressed locks with this aromatic, coconut-based shampoo, formulated to cleanse while instantly rehydrating hair with jojoba oil, and a unique concentration of cornflower and mallow extracts.

While the ‘Yuko’s Phitenbella Treatment’ is for chemically treated hair. It adds body and manageability to fine, soft hair. Softens and smoothes coarse, resistant hair. Contains natural amino acids and contains Hydrolyzed collagen and keratin for protecting and softening hair. Love these two products.


Finally my final product I’d like to recommend as a staple product for your beauty cabinet is ‘KMS California’s Hairplay‘. Dry shampoo at its best for all the busy ladies out there especially if you’ve had a fab blowdry and just couldn’t think of anything worse than to spoil it by washing it out.


All of these products are available from Inanch’s Fitzrovia salon but not only that they will give you expert advice on the right colours, cut, products or hair extensions for you and treat your hair like a goddess for a day...


Thanks for all these fab products my hair feels stunning day after day.



Written by Naomi K Isted, Beauty Presenter and Producer for Harley Street Beauty and Blondie Media Productions.


With soo many hair extensions disasters out there, stories of women loosing patches of hair, miss matched colours and general back street technicians on the market we felt it essential to track down the best in the business and set the record straight when it comes to hair extensions. Celebrities love them, house wives adore them and young trendy girls couldn't be without them but with so much choice on the market, different bonding techniques, different brands and styles of hair most women don't know where to start when it comes to having a good, natural set of extensions fitted. 


Here is Hollywood lovely 'Mischa Barton' with a full head of hair extensions fitted courtesy of Inanch London.

As always I have been a lover of the classic hair extension for over a decade, yikes showing my ages and as a youngby by mistake and misguided I have used every brand, style, and technician under the sun and believe me it can be seriously hard to pick the right person and place to fit them especially when there's so much choice on the market. One of my personal all time favourite brands of real Remy Hair is Great Lengths. 




With over 12 years experience in the specialist field of hair extensions, Award winning Hair Extensions Expert and Great Lengths UK Hair Extensionist of the Year, Inanch Emir, has built a global reputation for delivering amazing results with 100% human hair extension applications, giving clients and celebrities the hair they’ve always dreamed of having! Acclaimed by Hairdressers Journal International as a leading example of a “hair extensions expert” and as “one of the UK’s leading hair extensionists”; hailed as "our hair extensions fairy" by Vogue magazine's beauty editors and as a "hair extensions makeover magician" by Creative Head magazine, Inanch is continuously sought after from around the world by celebrities, beauty editors and clients for her superior hair extensions application techniques and precision hair styling.

Her list of celebrity clients who have had hair extensions include Hollywood TV Actress Mischa Barton, supermodel Eva Herzigova, Reality TV Stars Amy Childs, Michelle Heaton and Dani Behr, former Miss Great Britain and Glamour Model Danielle Lloyd, Model & TV Presenter Naomi Millbank-Smith, Glamour Model Nicola McLean, Socialite Peaches Geldof and Rock Singer/Musician Courtney Love.




“In the grand surroundings of Marylebone and Fitzrovia, Inanch hair salon offers luxurious styling at affordable prices. From hair extensions and bridal hair to make-up services and hair treatments, there's more to this boutique-style salon than meets the eye... You might even find yourself sitting next to Katie Holmes or Eva Longoria-Parker”. Fabric Magazine, August 2009

Inanch London brings a new meaning to tranquility and intimacy. Situated in Fitzrovia, Regent's Park (near The Portland Hospital where most celebrity mothers are seen!), this prestigious salon focuses on quality over quantity and makes way for a fantastic personalised service.

Designed to cater for clients with that special "celebrity-style treatment", Inanch accommodates just five styling positions and provides ample space, privacy and comfort. The moment you enter the salon, you are greeted with a warm welcome and served with a complimentary beverage from the salon's exclusive bar.




So how lucky did Jules and I feel to be invited in for a complete transformation for Harley Street Beauty courtesy of the lovely Inanch and her team? Don't worry ladies if you are looking for Celebrity style extensions the secret is now out 'Inanch London' is the Great Lengths Award winning salon that caters for all the celebs but not only are they fabulous at what they do they are so helpful in explaining the different types of hair, bonds, ways to maintain your gorgeous locks and how to avoid all the dangerous stories that we hear with bad extensions. Inanch has personally explained everything you will ever need to know about hair extensions, I'm not going to say too much in the blog as you'll need to watch the show for yourself where you will be able to see for yourself the difference quality extensions and expertise can really make.

Heres a sneal peak at how incredible both mine and Jules locks were transformed by the Inanch London team. 




Looking good Jules and thanks to our lovely Head of Creatives Jules Cardozo Marsh for my fabulous mineral makeup on set yesterday YoungBloods UK. The makeup looked incredible in HD which is more than I can say for my makeup abilities.


Thanks to Inanch,Joe and all the team at Inanch London for their patience while filming for Harley Street Beauty we look forward to working with their team to educate women on the importance of quality hair and going to experienced technicians.


Stay tuned ladies Harley Street Beauty is going to be incredibly informative if you love all things hair, beauty and celebrity!!




Written by Harley Street Beauty and Blondie Media Presenter - Naomi Isted




I’ve been such a busy bunny in the run up to Easter I haven’t had a chance to blog about last Wednesday’s Red carpet event at the Millennium hotel in Knightsbridge for the launch of Beau Bronze’s new line of home self tanning products Abi O.

Myself and our make-up artist, party loving lovely, Jules Cardozo Marsh headed down to film alongside OK TV for Harley Street Beauty to get as many tips as possible for the ideal celebrity self tan. 



It would of course have been rude not to indulge in cupcakes and free drinks but we were there to talk tanning and beauty tips so we had to get down to business and find out from the people in the know all the tips we could for our Harley Street Beauty viewers.



The lovely and very funny Lizzie Cundy hosted the night and can you believe how jammie Jules managed to win herself a £250 hair extensions voucher for one of London’s top celebrity hair extensions salons Tatiana Extensions. I am well Jell Jules…. Not forgetting Pia Michi’s gorgeous pink creation on owner Abi O herself.



“Ever wanted to achieve that natural sun kissed look but didn’t want to go in the sun? BeauBronz is a little secret passed on amongst friends in the media and beauty industry. There is no substitute! Award Winning BeauBronz is an environmentally aware company, with a progressive approach to the beauty industry. They offer fake tan fans like myself natural spray tanning solutions of the highest quality, none of which are tested on animals.”

“BeauBronz seeks to provide natural spray tanning solutions that contain luxurious, paraben free and certified organic ingredients. Their tanning products are the finest since they are free from harsh chemicals, drying alcohol and the best bit of all they are odourless.” Odourless really how can it be?

I cannot deny the fact that for the last decade I have been a fake tan addict and have tried and tested every product out there. Of course with time on your hands and a quality brand its not too hard to get your fake tan right but as a busy working mum with very little time for pampering how does one get a perfect fake tan without the telltale signs of streaky bacon legs, tangoed faces and two-tone hands? Let alone that smell that the hubbies always complain about.

Well after trying and testing my goody bag, (thanks for that Abi) I can honestly say I think I’m in love or heaven. As I am a bit of a seasoned pro at applying my fake tan without the tell tale signs I genuinely didn’t think it would ever be possible to hide that smell, even the best brands have it. But yet somehow Abi Oleck has created this splendid product that actually does what it states on the bottle and gives you a fab sunkissed tan minus the dreaded fake tan smell. Not only that but it feels so light and soft on the skin like a really expensive moisturizer I never even felt like I was wearing a fake tan but received many compliments from family and friends ‘wow your looking healthy’. So can I just say well done Abi on such a fab product, I love it.



Abi Oleck or Abi O as she is known in celebrity circles is the celebrities and TVs shows favorite tan artist and her clients include Duncan James, Miss Great Britain, Jayne Torvill, Lizzie Cundy, Holly Oaks and Eastenders stars to name a few. Abi and her team are also the official spray tanners and product of choice for ITV’s 2010 Dancing on Ice and has been invited back again this year (2012).

Abi has appeared on This Morning, Celebrity Scissor hands, Promzillas, Tantastic, QVC, BBC and many more great TV shows! Abi has also set up distribution and ethical training of tanning in USA, Holland and Germany. To date over 100,000 people have been spray tanned with BeauBronz! Now Abi has launched the BeauBronz home range, which already over 20,000 people are raving about! So who better to go to for tanning tips than Abi O herself? We will be filming a tanning segment in the nest few weeks with Abi for Harley Street Beauty so make sure you stay tuned on how to get the natural look without the mango tango effect. Queen of self-tanning Abi will explain all the tricks of the trade and why her products provide a unique natural looking tan. Thanks for the invite Abi it was a great night but we also look forward to filming soon.




After eating and drinking plenty it was time to get to work and start chatting to the people in the know for tips and advice on tanning and beauty, We started the night interviewing Gary Cockerill makeup artist to the stars. What a sweetie. Gary Cockerill’s expertise, versatility and talent have established him as one of the UK’s top make-up artists, so who better to talk to for Harley Street Beauty to talk tanning, makeup and Botox tips than Gary himself. Over the past 15 years Gary has established a vast collection of celebrity clients and his work regularly featuring in celebrity & lifestyle magazines, music videos, high fashion glossies, advertising campaigns and on stage & TV. His client list is like a celebrity who’s who! Anyway girls make sure you tune into the show to her more from Gary and hopefully we will see more of him in Season 2. Thanks Gary your fab on camera.



After our chat with Gary we chatted with skating legends Torvill and Dean (Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean) former Olympic and World champions to get their thoughts on tanning, makeup and of course exercise. It was lovely to meet them both they were so sweet.



This led Jules and I to meet and talk exercise, nutrition and interestingly Attitude magazine with the former TV gladiators who will hopefully also be joining us soon on the show to advice us on all aspects of nutrition and exercise. All I can say is oh my can Caroline Pearce be my personal trainer please she has a body to die for and good luck Jenny Pacey other wise known as Enigma in the Olympic Qualifiers. Not forgetting Gladiator DOOM…

Thanks for a great night Abi O @BeauBronz

The Voice UK and Dean 'Midas' Maynard


The BBC’s new show ‘The Voice’ is set to hit our screens soon and I can’t wait. For once a show that is truly just about the singing skills (raw talent) rather than the frustrating deluded fame hungry wannabes that can be found in the early stages of reality contests like X-factor and Britain’s Got Talent, who surprisingly still get airtime for their ridiculous  shenanigans  , oh yes I know its good for ratings/ viewers blah blah blah!!! But it makes a mock at times of the harsh reality real singers have to contend with nowadays in one of the most competitive industries in the world, the music business.

Four of the biggest names in music are looking for incredible singing talent to compete for the title of The Voice UK. They will be chosen purely on the quality of their voice, which is just music to my ears! I remember a chat a while back I had with Choice FM DJ Steve Clarke who was also excited about how refreshing this show would be when it actually arrived on our shores here in the UK. Which I personally think will be the feeling not just from the public but the music industry as a whole, a respect for finding pure unadulterated talent for once.


I think the BBC have made a great selection for their judging panel; age, experience, worldwide success and most importantly all 4 are respected musicians and artists. The judging panel is made up of Danny O'Donoghue of Irish band The Script, Music legend Sir Tom Jones, Chart topping best sellers Jessie J and Presenters for The Voice UK are the fabulous Holly Willoughby and funky Radio One DJ Reggie Yates at the helm of BBC One’s vocal talent-fest, taking charge of proceedings on-screen and online.



If you are innately interested in understanding music properly then the BBC have again stepped up the mark in professionalism with insider advice from Jay Henry. Jay has worked with the likes of Jessie J, Stevie Wonder and Mariah Carey. He has an astute knowledge of all things vocal. He will guide viewers through different types of voices and the range of categories some of our favourite singers belong to. If anyone knows how to finely tune a voice, maintain it and improve its performance, Jay Henry is definitely the man for the job.


In preparation for The Voice UK, I decided to talk to Talent Agent and Reality TV reviewer Dean 'Midas' Maynard.



Dean is regularly in demand for television, radio, press and online media where he reviews the big Reality TV shows like Britain's Got Talent, The X-Factor and obviously now he will also review The Voice UK.


Nicknamed 'Midas' by the press due to his successful predictions, Dean has received widespread acclaim in the UK and was recently quoted at 50/1 by William Hill to be a judge on the X Factor. 




Of the 34 shows that Dean has supported acts on, 30 of them have finished in the top 4 or higher and nearly all have gone on to have very successful careers. Dean is a man with a knack for spotting talent. His previous X Factor successes have included One Direction and Leona Lewis. This eye for spotting new upcoming singers, bands and talent in general, has earned him the nickname of the 'New Simon Cowell'.


Dean’s wealth of experience reviewing, supporting and commenting on celebrity personalities has obviously gained him respect within the talent, sporting and reality circles. He now represents Janet Devlin, JonJo Kerr, 2 shoes and Chico to name but a few of his acts.



Dean is also honoured to be the Patron for <  Hannah was diagnosed with a rare form of leukaemia just after her 8th birthday in January 2004 please read her story and help her cause in any way you see fit.

With all the pointless TV that ends up on our screens I am for once happy to say I will be indulging in every minute of ‘The Voice’


I’ll be blogging my heart out over ‘The Voice’ and referring to Deans predictions throughout the entire Series. Dean I look forward to working with you on this and future projects. Bring on ‘The Voice’ BBC I just cant wait!

Naomi Isted

Former Footballer's Wife, TV Presenter and Model


Who better to give her opinions and trial and test a few treatments on the show than a glamorous former footballers wife? Over the last few months we have worked considerably with Suzi Walker in the making of the Series.



The lovely Model and Presenter has been featured in different areas of the show and tested a few interesting cosmetic treatments for Harley Street Beauty. Not one to mince her words or deny any nips or tucks she’s had or would have. It’s very refreshing to have worked with someone happy to be open about their looks and why they like to make the most of what they’ve got rather than make your average stay at home mum feel inadequate and think how does she look so perfect in her late 30’s with several kids?


Instead Suzi opens up to Harley Street Beauty about looking good and  is therefor much more relatable to than the average Celeb because she‘s honest, which seems a rarity nowadays. Not only is she honest about beauty and cosmetic surgery but she also gives us her advice from someone that has experienced cosmetic dentistry and surgery not to rush in and to make sure you do your research and really think before you take that all important leap to transforming the way you look.


Its not all cosmetics and beauty in the life of a former WAG though poor Suzi has had a lot to deal with over the years from relationships to health.


Suzi Walker was formerly married to Bolton and International goalkeeper Ian Walker and she was synonymous with the phrase "Footballers Wives". Ironically, and sadly, it has been widely reported in the press that Suzi's thirteen year marriage to Ian had unfortunately run into some difficulty and is now over.  Suzi is now with Simon Jordon (Chairman of Crystal Palace FC). 


Suzi is the type of girl that won't let her situation get her down though. She feels she has been in the wars before. After the birth of her daughter Sophie, some eight years ago, she contracted a near fatal illness known as Post Natal Eclampsia, from which she miracuously made a nearly full recovery.  She also had an extremely dangerous time when she gave birth to her second daughter with whom she has had with Simon.

Unfortunately the illness left Suzi as an on-going sufferer of ME and although, through her doctor, for whom she has only praise, she is managing to beat it 99% of the time. 

Suzi is happy to talk about either of these unfortunate illnesses and will do all she can to promote the cause for other sufferers. At the same time she takes pride in her appearance and is happy to give her opinion and advice from someone that knows about the pro’s and con’s of cosmetic. Stay tuned to hear more from the lovely Suzi Walker.



Thanks Suzi for all your involvement we look forward to working with you on other projects in the future and hopefully Harley Street Beauty Series 2. 

Naomi Isted

The Weird and Wonderful World that is reality star Adam Miller

It’s been a busy week for us here at Blondie Media, first filming with X factor Essex duo at the Sugarhut on Monday then filming yesterday with MTV Diva and Britain's Got Talent's eccentric hopeful Adam Miller. Here he is dressed in full-on Britney clobber hoping to stand out from the crowd. 



We headed over to dental clinic ' The Harley Street Smile Clinic' favoured by many celebrities (to gain the perfect smile) to document Adam’s dental transformation for Harley Street Beauty Series 1. Loads of TOWIE stars have had veneers at the clinic as it seems the new Dental Clinic to the stars. The lovely Lauren Pope and Chloe Simms were the first to set the TOWIE trend of Harley Street Veneers.

We filmed Adam a few weeks back when he was having his temporary set and today was his final transformation. Adam is best known from the Janice Dickinson Model Agency and dressing up as Britney Spears on Britain's got Talent 2010, however he was also the original Diva on MTV super sweet world-class.  Adam has a reputation in the UK press for being a unique and enigmatic personality. He's been featured on: This morning, Day Break, Lorraine, Radio One and Britain's Got More Talent to name but a few. Good luck to him!


The trailer link for Super Sweet can be seen below and a few others:




Although he seems wacky and publicity hungry he believes that not everyone has surgery for cosmetic reasons. He thinks it should be less controversial to talk about things you may have had done as there may be deep rooted psychologicial issues that lead people to change the way they look and it has an impact on the way they inevitably feel. 


Along with the ethos of the Harley Street Beauty team (educating people to the best professionals in the business) he is also willing to try and test everything as he likes results.

Adam could be classed as the male Jordan as he is obsessed with Katie Price, cosmetic surgery and fixing everything he's not happy with. He is actually really interested though in the lengths men and women will go to, to keep their looks and believe that the knock-on effect of surgery is it will improve people's confidence careers and marriages etc.


It was great fun filming with you Adam and we wish you luck in your 2012 projects. Thanks also to Harley Street Smile Clinic.

You can follow him on twitter @AdamMillerOffice

Naomi Isted






I'm sure you all remember the bubbly Essex girls that got through to the judges houses in Xfactor last year. The two lovely ladies that make up the band 2shoes are Charley Bird and Lucy Texeira. From the heart of The only Way is Essex territory, the girls hail from Basildon and Brentwood. The girls started out as a band in 2009 but raised to the public's attention in 2011 as the bubbly contestants in Xfactor. They managed to get through to Tulisa's judges home in the beautiful Greek Isles. 

Although they never got through to the finals they have really capitalised on their Xfactor fame and have a manager, agent and are gigging regularly which they are both over the moon with. 

We invited them to talk beauty, tans, cosmetic surgery with me on our current Beauty Show "Harley Street Beauty". Their agent Dean Midas Maynard said how bubbly they are and great on camera but I wasn't anticipating how easy they would be to interview and their fab infectious laughter. The girls say that the X Factor experience was absoloutely TOTES AMAZE!

The girls admitted the journey was extremely hard phsyically and emotionally, but they enjoyed every single minute of it. Now the girls are optomistic of what the future holds, they are in the studio now working on releasing a single this year and also a new found career of TV Presenting could be in the pipeline or maybe some reality TV.

Where better to meet them and chat everything gorgeous and glam than the glossiest nightclub in Essex renowned for its positioning as one of the best clubs in Essex but also heavily popular in TOWIE..The obvious choice had to be The Sugar Hut in Brentwood owned by Mick Norcross one of the main characters in TOWIE and ran by BB and TOWIE star Kirk Norcross. 

While myself and the crew were in Brentwood we noticed Amy Child's salon shame I was in a rush and couldn't try a bejazzle and the boutiques of TOWIE stars Lucy Mecklenburgh (Lucy's Boutique) and Sam and Billie Friers (Minnies Boutique), we had to then shoot off to Chingford for filming at a salon. Anyway sure I'll be back shortly and get a chance to checkout the boutiques and salons soon when we attend Essex Fashion Week.



Anyway thanks to 2shoes, Money North the girls management, The Sugarhut and Dean Midas Maynard the girls agent. We had a fun few hours oh and I can't believe you have a pink car to match with my pink iPhone Charley haha REEM!!


Naomi Isted

‘Young Fashion: Half scene catwalk’ at Pure London 2012 - photos

Brands: Influence, Danity, Dana Kleinert, Emma Louise London, Pogostick Failure, Kiley Evans, Fair + True, Cocoabella, Cross Culture Fashion, Phylese, Vodka Vintage, Little Mistress, Charles of London and Mrs Pomeranz. 


Pure London 2012 - young fashion

Pure London 2012 - young fashion

Pure London 2012 - young fashion

Pure London 2012 - young fashion

Pure London 2012 - young fashion

Pure London 2012 - young fashion

Pure London 2012 - young fashion

Pure London 2012 - young fashion

Pure London 2012 - young fashion


Kat Von D presents her new collection during Pure London

Kat Von D opened ‘Young Fashion: Half scene catwalk’ at Pure London yesterday. The show started at 2:30 pm with Kat expressing her excitement about being a part of the event.

On the same catwalk as the tattooist’s collection were clothes made by Influence, Danity, Dana Kleinert, Emma Louise London, Pogostick Failure, Kiley Evans, Fair + True, Cocoabella, Cross Culture Fashion, Phylese, Vodka Vintage, Little Mistress, Charles of London and Mrs Pomeranz.

Kat Von D’s collection is made up of two lines ‘white label’ and ‘red label’. The first one explores the romantic, artistic and more sophisticated side of Kat, while the second one is inspired by the LA lifestyle.

I definitely prefer the more romantic Kat and a couple of pieces caught my attention, such as Kat’s Starboard Vest. (see pictures below) Which style do you prefer?


Kat Von D opening ‘Young Fashion: Half scene catwalk’ at Pure London 2012 (source: Joanna)

Kat Von D's collection on the catwalk during Pure London 2012 (source: Joanna)

Kat Von D's collection on the catwalk during Pure London 2012 (source: Joanna)(source: Joann   (    

source: Joanna


Kat Von D's collection on the catwalk during Pure London 2012 (source: Joanna)

Kat's White Label

Kat's White Label (Starboard Vest) 

Kat's Red Label


Blondie Media about Pure London 2012

We visited Pure London, UK’s leading fashion buying event, on Sunday 12th February 2012. We had a peek at the A/W 2012 collections and we know what buyers will find in stores this autumn.

During the Pure London event buyers can find contemporary, directional and premium women’s wear, as well as young fashion, footwear and accessory brands all under one roof, making it very exciting.

Industry experts, WGSN and Drapers guide visitors through the shopping experience by revealing next season’s trends.

For us Pure London is all about networking and building brand awareness. It is a great place to find niche labels in the emerging designer showcases.

If you have never visited Pure London before and have an interest in fashion, there is still time to visit this season’s Pure London show.



Pure London, Feb 2012

Pure London 2012, Olympia

Cutie at Pure London 2012

Pure London 2012

Pure London event at Olympia


A night with 3 experts - Stop the Ageing Clock

Naomi and Jules headed over to Stoke Poges on Tuesday to attend an interesting anti-ageing beauty night with the experts. Ariane Poole Celebrity Makeup artist teamed up with 2 well known faces in the beauty world to deliver an evening with the experts. The first was multi award winning skin guru Dr Tracy Mountford founder and Medical Director of The Cosmetic Skin Clinic in Buckinghamshire and London Harley St.


Dr Mountford’s “philosophy is to enhance natural beauty rather than alter looks. The key is to not look like you have had anything done”. That is why she is the ‘go to’ person for so many celebs.Dr Mountford  was on hand to discuss non-surgical questions and gave an insight into all the new cutting edge anti-ageing treatments from the USA, of which there are many. 



The second expert was celebrity hairdresser Andrew Barton. Andrew has won many awards for his hair creations, including 'Hairdresser of the Year'. His eye for trend forecasting makes him a firm favourite with beauty editors and he is widely regarded as the 'hairdressers' hairdresser, not forgetting his long standing appearance as the resident hairdresser on '10 Years Younger'. Andrews’s passion is transforming the hair of 'real’ women, giving them beautiful, feminine styles they can easily manage themselves. He delivered an interesting talk on how to deal with grey hair and how to keep your hair looking it’s absolute best, hair botox he calls it. We love it!


The evening was in support of the Katie Piper Foundation. All of the proceeds raised went towards supporting other burns victims to undergo the same therapy as Katie experienced in France, that is not currently available here in the UK.


I think the highlight of Jules and Naomi's evening was getting front row seats to Ariane Poole's Makeup presentation. Ariane's career has spanned over twenty-five years, as a leading name in her field, she has worked with many of the top fashion & beauty photographers and an impressive list of celebrities, models, pop stars and even royalty.


Being highly renowned, her credits include major advertising campaigns for the likes of Max Factor, Boots No7, Almay, Miss Selfridge and Molton Brown. She is also a regular contributor to many magazines, newspapers and websites as well as past television credits including GMTV, the Big Breakfast, “Lets Get Beautiful” for Carlton Digital, “Makeover Hit Squad” for Granada and the Special K Lifestyle Series for Sky.


Five years ago, Ariane launched a make-up range reflecting her dream of creating a line of cosmetics that were not only fashionable and innovative but quick and easy to use and above all, a problem solver for make-up dilemmas.


Ariane is regularly asked to predict future trends in make-up as well as giving good advice and tips. Therefore her product range offers helpful and practical solutions as well as fantastic trend-led products.


Her celebrity followers include: Fern Britton, Sharon Osbourne, Kirsty Gallagher, Cilla Black, Sue Barker, Tess Daley, Melanie Sykes, June Sarpong, Kerri Katona, Denise Van Outen, Julia Carling, Lisa Snowdon, Linda Lusardi and Gail Porter.


So who better to listen to when your thinking about makeup for your 20's/30's/40's plus. Ariane understands the importance of using the right colours and trends for your age but interestingly as we age the way we apply our make-up should change quite alot. Her make-up range is just divine. Naomi loved her retexturing facial primer and I think Jules wanted the entire range.


So all in all it was a great evening thanks for the tips Tracy, Ariane and Andrew we'll bare those in mind!







Naomi Isted - The Blondie Media Team



Massive thanks to the lovely Nilam Patel and her team at the Derma Spa in Milton Keynes. What a fabulous experience. Both Jules our in-house makeup artist and Naomi our in-house presenter and exec producer were filming at the DermaSpa in Milton Keynes yesterday with Brow Queen herself Nilam Patel. Not only did they both try and test the HD Brows with incredible results but Naomi also had a Collagen Wave treatment for the show. Naomi was a tad nervous about being seen sans makeup on the show which being filmed in HD highlights any flaws but couldnt believe the incredible results of this cosmetic not beauty treatment. Make sure you tune into these episodes if your looking for an alternative to botox of fillers yet want rejuvanated and plump skin. Naomi has come into the office today again without make-up to show off her plump and shiny skin..Loads of celebs visit Nilams clinic for HD Brows but also this wonderful Collagen Wave treatment. Just a few of nilam's clients that love this aswell are; Katie Price, Brooke Kinsella, Bianca Gascoigne, Simon Webbe, Emma Rigby and many more, check out her site to see the clients that just love these treatments:


A little about HD Brows:

HD Brows has been taking the beauty industry by storm. Nilam Patel Aesthetics has had celebrities from all over flocking to milton keynes for the new 7 step brow treatment.


A little about Collagen Wave:



Radio frequency combined with ultrasound waves are used to heat up the deeper layers of the skin to encourage the production of new collagen. This non-invasive treatment is a painless effective way of long-term non-surgical skin tightening and lifting.

Treatment is carried out using a machine with a probe which the operator gently slides around the face delivering radiofrequency energy into the skin. Treatment may be slightly uncomfortable but never painful and lasts up to an hour per treatment. 

Big Thanks again to Nilam Patel and the Derma Spa team we hope to be filming back their soon and finding out all their favourite celebrity tricks to looking and feeling fabulous.





Naomi Isted - The Blondie Media Team


Jules and Naomi are filming at the fabulous DermaSpa in Milton Keynes next week with Brow Queen herself Nilam Patel,testing out the HD Brows trend should be a fun !

HD Brows has been taking the beauty industry by storm. Nilam Patel Aesthetics has had celebrities from all over flocking to milton keynes for the new 7 step brow treatment.


The MD of Blondie media Naomi and the fab Jules Cardozo-Marsh are attending "An Evening with the Experts next Tuesday with skin guru Dr Tracy Mountford and celebrity hair stylist Andrew Barton. Supporting the remarkable Katie Piper Foundation. Should be a very interesting evening. The ladies are really looking forward to it. Hopefully they'll get some ideas for new celebrity beauty trends to feature on Harley Street Beauty..Should be fun evening for them..




Watch our PIP implant trailer to get an idea of how this affects all those lovely ladies that have been mis-informed over the years..



Wow early 5am start tomorrow filming final procedures for Harley Street Beauty Series 1. Think were filming a facelift a necklift and nosejob a PIP breast replacement and patients. Going to be a long day but we love working with the surgeon to the stars Professor James Frame. Here Naomi is in theatre with James at a previous operation. What a fantastic surgeon!



Ladies if you have had PIP implants please refer to for advice..


Waiting patiently to hear the results regarding the PIP scandal today which we have featured in Episode 4 of the new Series of HSB.


To all our Bloggers, Happy New Year it was a lovely Christmas and New Year for us all and we will be back to work on Monday. Filming at Aviva on Wednesday and preparing for an exciting year ahead. Any New Years Resolutions?


Jules Cardozo Marsh

Jules Cardozo Marsh has officially joined the Blondie Media Team to head up our Fashion wing. Some very exciting projects planned for 2012. We are all looking forward to working together with Jules.


Mazza in the house!

Just finished filming 'expert links' with Mike Mazza, our cosmetic surgery guru. Mike, you are a natural on camera! Thanks once again to Bollywood for letting us use their restaurant. Unfortunately we didn't get to stay for dinner this time! :(


We'll be back at Bollywoods in Chingford on Wednesday interviewing Mike Mazza cosmetic surgery expert for Harley Street Plastic Surgery who'll be joing me on the show each episode. Should be fun. Then back in theatre on Friday filming a breast aug and a necklift! We're re-designing the show and the new sequence is looking fab!!


Brilliant Bollywood

Just finished a day of filming links at Bollywood restaurant in Chingford. What a fantastic place to shoot in, loads of space, quiet, good decor - the dream location I think! Thanks to everyone at Bollywoods for accommodating us - great food too!

Paul, Series Director


Hi all,

Check out our new Divisions page which advises you of the all the media areas we can assist you in. From corporate videos and TV Advertising to photographic Lookbooks, PR and TV Sponsorship. Blondie Media can cater for all your creative and media needs. Get in touch with a member of the team to discuss the options available to you and your team.

Have a good week.



Just a quick note to all our bloggers. Blondie Media is growing and we are developing a few new wings to the business. We have some very exciting plans over the next few months so please stay tuned to find out more about our new divisions.

Have a great week all.

Naomi, Series Producer

Ear we go

Been watching the rushes of the mini-facelift footage - still hard to believe that it was all done under local anaesthetic! During surgery, Dr Frame regaled us with a story which you may find horrific or brilliant, depending on how you look at it. Basically a while back, a surgeon he knows was doing a similar operation and mistakenly cut off the patients' earlobe! You'd think he'd stitch it back on right?! Nope. He lops the other one off to even it out! And incredibly the result is so good that he's hailed a hero. Ah, the wonderful world of cosmetic surgery...

Paul, Series Director


Hi fellow bloggers.

Its Naomi here Series Producer and presenter of Harley Street Beauty. Tuesday we spent the morning filming a mini-facelift at Chelmsford Medical Centre in Essex which surprisingly didn't make me feel faint but instead was really intriguing to watch a surgeon at work  like that. Anyway prep time now loads of great formats are being cultivated by the team at the mo so better prepare for filming our Dental and more surgery next week.

Hope you enjoy our blogs and website.


Welcome to Blondie Media Blog

It is lovely to join the bloggers family and be able to share our experience, knowledge and interests with all of you. We are a TV Production Company that develop and produce TV formats and TV shows. We develop and produce Advertising campaigns to promote your business' products and services. Our aim is to be informative, entertain and educate our viewers.


On this blog we will give you insights into the TV production process, you can join us behind-the-scenes. You will find tips, facts and news related to the shows we produce.


Our team will all be involved in blogging to make sure that you get a different point of view and angles on the TV production process.


On behalf of the team I would like to welcome you to our blog.


Hope you enjoy.


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